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Access to the Hotel Safir

Safir Hotel accessible of north of Bu Ali Street and Intersection Nezame Vafa.

East side is available of Azadi Square (Sabze Meidan), Imam Street to the market crossroads.

From the West, from the 22 st of Imam Khomeini, the crossroads market is available.

From the south, the intersection of Koorosh, Molavi Street intersection to the market.


Safir Hotel Qazvin distance to historic sites:



Sdalstnh set distance (the Minister): 200 m

Distance to the bathroom Ghajar: 250 m

House Chehel distance:500 m 

Distance to the four prophets: 500 m

Alighapoo distance: 700 m

Sepah Street distance: 800 m

Distance to the Grand Mosque: 900 meters

Distance to the terminal: 2 km 

Distance to the railway: 3 km

Distance Evan Lake: 80 km

Distance to the castle of Alamut: 90 km

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